Wednesday, 30 September 2009

hill reps

Tuesday night seen the return of hill reps. jen and I have Lizzie for company tonight her first go at hill reps. Felt like the past few weeks of training are starting to pay dividends. Felt good tonight very good. More reps in the bag if needed and a strong finish to what should have been the warm down. Pleased. 4 x .25mile hill reps

Monday, 28 September 2009

Sunday run

Had the best of the days weather. Cool but sunny. 7.1m with Jen mixed terrain mostly road with some woods about half way. Will be looking to do the west end 8 route before long.

Friday, 25 September 2009

100 club mish mash

Slightly shallow but honest.

Went to see a friend this afternoon so thought I had better do a quick pump up. Broke out the 24 and 16kg kb for the following.
20x24 rows
20x24 side bends
20x24 chest press
10x16 ren rows
10x32 press
6x16 bi negs
5x janda negs only a few mins to do 2016kg

Run club

4m run with beginners with some fartlek mixed in. Jen was on fire tonight by our standards took to closing down. Had a very good strong mile from about 1.5 to 2.5. Chuffed.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Club run

For a pre run club warm up, went for a 100 rep kettlebell option.
20 single arm thumbs up swings
20 cleans
20 presses
20 fig 8 to hold
20 hand to hand swings. workload 1600kg
Ran with the juniors acting as a sweeper as they are way faster than I am. Treated the run as a fartlek session. Rather enjoyed.

Finally after 250 miles in the vibrams got my first puncture wound thanks to a hawthorn. Right in the middle of the heel. But just as what should happen, happened. Thorn punctures skin, nerve ending sends message to brain, brain sends message to muscles weight is transferred (all done instantly) thorn is pulled out carry on no problem.

Bilat Tuesday 3

Tough night tonight. 1m warm up, 5 reps of 105% vVo2 for 40% TvVo2. 1/2m warm down. Short but tough.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Friday bells

Just a random mish mash.
10x32 sqt
10x32 bent flys
10x16 hack sqt
10x32 chest press
20x16 seesaw rows
20x16 seesaw press
10x32 shrugs
10x32 suitcase
10x16 ren rows
10x32 chest press
10x32 sqts
20x16 wrist curls
10x janda negs
20x16 elbow raise
10x32 goodmornings.
Workload 4160 23mins

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Nice and steady

Just a simple steady 5m tonight.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Bilat Tuesday 2

Simple but not easy.
1m warm up then 5 x 3mins at 95% Vo2 max pace with equal time recovers at 60% pace.

Much more consistent than last week. Got the pace right from the off. Pleased.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Hmmm Hills

Had a pre warm up warm at home.
10x janda negs
10x16 renegade rows
20x16 swings. Workload 480kg

Then met up with Lynn from run club. Done a 1m warm up then 4 x 1/4m hill reps then a 1/2m warm down. Not for time or pace or distance just to work the CV. Certainly did get worked. Not pleasant at the time but rewarding once done.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Saturday Night KB session

Lots of ab work and not a crunch in sight. Generally followed CV ABS CV and so on. All wrapped up in 40 mins with rests. Workload 5000kg. Had internet radio discover trance in the background. The garage was the place to be.

20x12 around body pass
10x20 windmills
20x20 singlarm swings
40x8 hammer swings
20x20 Hand to hand swing
20x20 sidebends
20x20 swings
20x8 saxon sidebends
20x20 single arm thumbs up swings
20x16 fig8 to hold
20x20 swings
10x16 renegade rows
40x16 hot spud
10x20 hip circles
50x8 hammer swings

Having a rest day Sunday, Hill reps Monday and an interval session Tueady. Bring it on as they say.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

More like it

Getting back into it now.

Thursday night is run club night but wanted to do some KB work before going so tonight's 100+ looked like this.
20x16 around the body passes
20x16 fig 8 to hold
40x16 hot spud
20x16 single arm thumbs up swings
6x32 hip circles
10x16 tri extn
10x16 bi curls
10x16 renegade rows workload2266kg

then a steady 5.2m run

Out of sequence

Ran with Jen Tuesday. Interval session. 5 x 2.75 mins at my vo2 pace with equal rest periods at 60% vo2 pace. Not done since pre Prestwold, tough but good. Went too quick on first couple of reps, suffered on last three but overall achieved target pace.


Weds 100 club

103 reps to be precise so as to maintain balance left and right.

25 x 24kg double arm swings
26 x 24kg cleans
26 x 24kg press
10 x 24kg snatch
16 x 16kg snatch

Workload 2344kg

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

back on track

Feel I am now coming out the other side of lethargy.

Following on from progress made up to Prestwold will now follow same path leading up to the Winter league road races. Only this time I am bringing Jen (long time run partner) along for the ride.

Tonight was interval night. 5 x 2mins 45secs @ 8:37 pace. Not world beating times but relevant to Jen and I. Tough but good to be back on track.


Monday, 7 September 2009

monday 100 club

As a means of kick starting the metabolism done 100 reps before leaving for work.

20x24 good mornings
20x24 sumo deadlifts
10x24 sidebends
10x24 upright row
20x16 rows
20x16 chest press.

Only takes a few mins, workload 2080kg

Sunday core mish mash

Decided to run through some core exercises just for the fun of it.
40x8 hammer swing (towel trough kb handle)
20x16 fig8
20x20 side bends
20x8 saxon sidebends
6x32 hip circles
10x16 renegade rows
10x16 windmills
40x16 hot spud.

All done easily within 15mins. Total workload 2352kg

Sunday, 6 September 2009

getting back into it

5.5m run with Jen this morning. Mixed terrain road, path, xc, fields and back on road. No records set just the joy of running. Some tough ish sections on the hills all in all good.

Usually we just set off and suffer the first mile as a warm up. Today decided to do some kettlebell swings to up the heart rate prior to setting off. That worked.

Jason looking forward to sunday lunch

Friday, 4 September 2009

The boy is back

Back from a 7 day cruise around the med. Plenty food, sights, sun and wonderful company.

Back on the road today with my running partner Jen. Done an out and back route 4m total as an easy introduction back to running having done very little of late. Felt tough. Probably ate about 1/2 an hour too late. Some serious ea wind on the return route. All in all felt tough but pleased to have done it.

Jason the re-focused