Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Tuesday KB routine

Been a while since I have used the KBs in anger but opened the account with the following.

20x16 around body pass, 20x16 windmills, 20x16 swings, 2x10x16 renegade rows, 10x32 double arm swings, 20x16 fig8 to hold, 20x16 single arm swings, 20x24 sidebends, 20x16 single arm swings, 40x16 hot spud, 20 swings, 6x32 hip circles, 10x32 double arm swings, 10 janda negatives, 20x16 elbow raise, 10x32 deep sqt, 10x32 reverse flys, 10x32 chest press, 20x16 seesaw rows, 20x16 seesaw press, 6x16 bi negs, 10x16 tri extn.

Total workload 6692. Nice


Ran the Billat Tuesday 1 intervals routine. 2:45 at vVO2max x 5 reps. Tough going. managed to dodge the rain. Ran in my Vibram Fivefingers as usual. Feet wet within 50m of leaving the house. No issues though.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Friday XC

Set out at 2pm, just in time to get caught in a shower. Nice. Actually, it was very nice. Out in the country late low setting sun casting long shadows revealing the topography of the land. Beautiful. Set out a long a single track country road, then into some woods, sloshing about, got its own distinctive woodland smell. Emerged from the woods and headed across a crop field/bridal path. Clearly recently been used by our four legged friends, made foot placement interesting. Back out on to road for a 1/4m. Stopped and had a quick chat with an old lady in her Harris tweed outfit about the partridge shoot that was in progress. (England as it should be) Carried on back on to crop fields, tough going on this terrain undulating and muddy. Cut left on to a cinder path then up a decent incline before leveling out and then right back on to the road we started on. 5.4m in total, multi terrain. As usual ran with Jen both came back covered on muck. Got some lactic build in the quads on the final climb. If you want to work the cv system without going all out via intervals or hill reps. Get in the country and run across some fields. Don't worry about the distance, times or pace as they bear no resemblance to what you normally do. Just enjoy. Knowing the terrain had to go with the Walsh fell shoe.

Jason knackered but satisfied

Monday, 16 November 2009

Back on my trusty hill rep circuit. Jen joined me for tonights fun and games. Windy, now dark at 16:40, sprints, shorts but 1st time out in long sleeves. Started off with a 1m warm up and arrived at bottom of the hill. As luck would have it the hill is a 1/4m long that breaks down in to 3 different gradients getting stepper as you near the brow. So 4 1/4m reps. Feels like these are getting easier. Should have been a 1m warm down but ended up gunning it home instead. Very pleased overall as either at the top of the hill or after arriving home the recovery in terms of heart rate was instant. Nice.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Friday and Sunday

4mile cross country route. Tough. Good fun but tough. carrying about 3kg of muck on each shoe. Energy sapping. But nice to be out for arun for the joy of doing it and not a specific training run.

the long slow one. 6mile out and back route. Up hill on the way out. lovely conditions though bright clear 10c ish. As usual in my sprints, and as with all vibram fivefingers they do like to suck up any water. Not long before got wet feet. No matter, seem to act like a wet suit, wet but warm.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Bilat Tuesday 3

Tough night tonight. Ran with Jen had a 1m warm up then 5 interval reps of 105% vVo2 for 40% TvVo2 then 1/2m warm down. Short but tough.
The good news is have taken 10seconds off previous average pace. Ran this routine previously 22nd of September. Have had some long runs in the mix since then as per Bilat programme. Now seeing results. Nice.

Jason celebrating with a red wine

Sunday, 8 November 2009


Been quite lazy on the blog front recently. Done quite a few bits since the last post but they have been and gone.

However, done what is known as the westend 8 route today. 6c overcast bit of wind but not bad. * mile route with a lung bursting hill at halfway. Nice.