Wednesday, 27 May 2009

300 challenge with 16kg KB

Will have to watch I do not over cook things. I have my mind on the Prestwold 10k at the end of June but before then I have a week in Menorca coming up. In true holiday fashion I ramp up the Kettlebell work to get a more honed and toned body around the pool. So tonight it was the Steve Maxwell 300 challenge workout with a 16kg KB. 4800kg workload in less than 1/2 an hour. Probably should not have done it as carrying a slight cold at the moment. Never mind. Had quite a few rests tonight. Overall pleased cam in under 30 mins but target is more like 20.

On a purley vain basis. I noticed last year when I arrived in Zante my body compostion improved the first few days as it had the chance to repair and rebuild itself after some heavy work before arriving. Will look to repeat in the build up to Menorca.

Billat V02 Tuesday 2 routine.

Target 5x3mins @ 9:12 pace.

target met.

Monday, 25 May 2009

KB chest back shoulders.

Had a KB mish mash session. Chest, back and shoulders. 4688kg in all approx 30 mins.

20x24 chest press, 10x24 rows, 10x24 ballistic rows, 40x16 chest press, 20x16 seesaw row, 10x32 bent rows, 5x32 press, 10x16 seesaw press, 10x32 elbow raise, 10x16 renagae row, 20x8 hammer swings, 20x16 wrist curls, 6x16 bi negs, 5x24 bi curls, 20x24 side bends, 10x24 elbow raise, 10x16 tri extn.

Jason not looking forward to going back to work

Easy run Sunday 24th of May

Nice easy run. Sun was out a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Used run to explore some new paths. Ran through a corn/wheat field. Stunning scenery. 5.5miles by time got home. Obviously all in the fivefingers.

Friday, 15 May 2009

how time flies

Nearly 3 months to the day since I last posted. Hmm.

As a very brief update. Now only run in Vibram fivefingers. Have clocked 131 miles over all types of terrain. Will not be using ordinary running shoes again. Walsh shoes yes, road shoes no.

Have been following the recommendations following my visit to Loughborough uni. Have also incorported the system devised by V Billat. Will post links another time.

As for today. Back on the kettlebells.
20x20 around body pass, swings, cleans, single arm swings, snatchs, side bends, press, chest press, bent over rows. 50x8 hammer swings, 20x8 single arm hammer swings. 12x20 bi curls. 20x12 hammer swings, 20x8 hammer swings. 10x20 alternate swings. 5000kg Approx 40 mins inc rest.