Sunday, 20 December 2009

Snowy Sunday

-4 when I arrived at Jens, sun hadn't woken up either. Tested vibram sprints no concerns re grip on snow/ice/frost just a bit concerned re cold as wear no socks. Swapped into walshes. Mix of fields and roads. Sun came up beautiful morning light clean fresh air, white scenery. Magical. Clocked about 4.8m no records set but just great to be out.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Black out routine

Not done this in a while.
270 reps with the 16kg kettlebell 14mins 10 secs including rests. Work load 4320kg
While dinner was cooking also done 6x16 bi negs, 10x16 bi curls and 10x16 tri extn.
total workload 4736. Will round off with some press ups before bed.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Sunday morning run

3.5 deg C this morning. Strangely it was colder than Friday but decided to go with knee length shorts. Sprints, no socks, comp top light gloves and band for ears. Bright and clear for run but had been raining so feet wet in less than 200m. No problems though. 6 mile out and back. (3+3) front 3 predom up hill. For mid December have to say conditions close to ideal. One observation I was pushing about 8 -10 beats per minute more than normal for the pace we were doing. I put this down to the cold I have been carrying. Clearly it has not fullly gone away. Hey ho.
even though HR up tried to run easy as per born to run. Checking playing around with stride pattern posture etc. Concentrating on being more up right. It does make a difference.
Did manage to find a pebble right under 2nd and 3rd toes. Knee positively flew up that stride. Just like it is supposed to. Feeling slightly bruised. will see.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Round up

Have been doing 100 club kettlebells everyday this week. No set pattern just 100 reps of anything that takes my fancy.

Done 60x16kg swings as a warm up before going out for a run.
7deg C. still, misty, run tights, long sleeve compression top, band for ears, light gloves. Vibram Fivefinger Sprints. Has been rather wet here recently so deliberatly choose a route that would take me across muck/grass paths. Feet wet within 1/2 a mile of setting out. Hit the first sludge about a mile in, just as I remebered ZERO grip. Great fun. Running with my usual run partner Jen. Made her smile as I a bambi'd my way along the path. Came round to bit of a grassy hill. Still no grip legs going like wile E coyote but making no ground. Finally got to the top left a couple calling cards in the sludge for someone to find (foot prints). Turned, looked down hill, looked at each other smiled and went for it. Got 80% down on my feet but ended up doing the last 20% on my arse. Got up smiled again and set off for the biggest puddles I could find. Arrived home like a 7 year old. Head to toe in muck and laughing. It was like if I can act like a kid so can she. Loved it.

We do long runs, hill reps, intervals etc and all in a purposeful way. But our Friday afternoon runs have turned into a run for the sheer joy of running. This is how running should be.

Monday, 7 December 2009

100 club

Was originally going for a run but did not fancy the rain. So done a 100 x 24kg kettlebell routine.
10 x squat
10 x goodmornings
10 x hack squats
20 x suitcase
20 x sidebends
10 x squat
10 x goodornings
10 x suitcase

2400kg in less than 10mins while dinner was cooking.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Sunday 6th December

Not been a great week. Only managed the hill reps with Jen monday then nothing. Partly due to having a cold partly due to other commitments. So here we are. Chinese last night full Sunday lunch today only one thing for it. Kettlebells.
Opened the account with 20 around the body passes and 20 figure 8 to hold as a warm up then launched into the 300 challenge.

Slingshot 10R 10L

Halo alternate direction 20
Goodmornings KB behind neck 10

Windmills 5R 5L

Singlearm swing 10R 10L

High Pull 10R 10L

Snatch 10R 10L

Clean press 10R 10L

Circular clean 10R 10L

Thruster deep squat to press 10R 10L

Cossack curl 10R 10L

Reverse lunge to press 10R 10L

Deck squat 10
Reverse getup 5R 5L

Suitcase row 10R 10L

Crush sit up press 10

Russian twsit 20

Crush press up 10

All of the above done with a 12KG KB. Then just to round off 20x8KG hammer swings.
Workload 4240kg approx 25 mins.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Tuesday 1st of December

After a pretty crap week on many levels I decided it was time to hit the road. So opened the account with hill reps from home with jen. Did not set out to break any records just to be out. Sitting here now feeling OK. Will see tomorrow morning. Tried to use the time to reflect on my style and cross ref what I am already doing with things I have picked from reading born to run. I can report to myself I am on the right track. Opened up very tippy toe and on first climb then delib reverted back to compare. Bitterly cold wind but good to be out.