Thursday, 30 September 2010

Return of the speed session

First meaningful run since the Nottingham half marathon. Short distance but high intensity. Ran with Leanne and Hannah, this was their first introduction to speed sessions. Used my 1/4 1/2 1/4 routine. Went very well. Good effort from us all.
Next up will be an introduction to hill reps. Bring it on.

Details here.


Wednesday, 29 September 2010

15/15 Wk2 session 1

Been away for a day or two so now playing catch up.

Set gymboss for 40 rounds.
warmed up with 20 around body passes and 20 swings. = 480kg
40 x 8 = 320 reps x 12kg = 3840

total workload = 4320kg

Target next time = 46 rounds.

Jason moving along nicely.

15/15 week 1 session 3

Upped it to 36 rounds.

36 rounds of 8 reps x 12kg = workload of 3456kg in 18 mins.

Next stop 40.


Friday, 24 September 2010

15/15 week 1 session 2

After a nice steady start, upped the sets to 30. Done outside on the patio as plenty of air movement. Increasing from 22 to 30 sets certainly has the effect of ramping up the volume. 30x8x12 = 2880kg in 15mins of work. Still within current capacity though aware of form on last couple of sets on the left side. Have set gymboss for 36 sets next time around.

Must have burnt some fuel today, cycled earlier then the 15 routine then ran with the club later.

Jason needing to sort some swimming out.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Viking warrior 15/15 protocol. Week 1 Session 1

Well I opened up the viking warrior conditioning protocol today with 22 rounds at 8 reps per round. Conveniently the gymboss timer arrived earlier so i could put it straight to the test.

Set the gymboss to 15 secs on and 15 secs off. It automatically treats the second time period as a rest so the rounds you set are work rounds (sets) nice.

Have worked from a clock in the past and is easy to nick a second or two here and there. Not with the gymboss. set it at 22 as expected this to be within my current capacity and it was. I am happy with this and can now move on as I am happy how the gymboss works and knowing I had some left in the tank.

A nice banker session in the bag. Can move forward sensibly from here.

As an aside I have bought some specialised cycling shoes as I move towards things Tri.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Change of direction?

Been a week since the Nottingham half marathon and have not ran since.

With this years running goals achieved I have been thinking about goals for 2011.
Leaning towards going more proper barefoot, trying a mini triathlon and now I am finally in possession of Kenneth Jays (the dane of pain)Viking Warrior Conditioning book; I intend to follow the protocols in there as the carry over to the above ideas would benefit greatly.

Performed the cadence snatch test to establish my cadence number. Hit 30 in the fifth minute with the 12kg.
30/4 = 7.5 round up = 8. Therefore I will perform the 15/15 protocol hitting 8 snatches per 15 secs.
I have ordered a Gymboss timer to help with the timing.
I may well re test myself with the 16kg bell just to see.

Have been playing around with the bike, again looking at a tri next year. Have bought some new cycle shorts and joy of joys, I have managed to get the Garmin cadence sensor working so I can see my cadence on my Forerunner 305. So much better than counting. Have been reading around the subject and 70 80 rpm seems a good base level. Thought it sounded a it high but turns out to be about right. Very happy about getting that working.

Just need to ride now. The sensor is currently mounted on my off road bike, but have a desire to get an out and out road bike. A Moda Mezzo is my current object of desire.


Sunday, 12 September 2010

Nottingham Half Marathon

Second 1/2 for the year. Best time so far, could still be better but that is life. Overall quite pleased, quite warm at times, pleasant enough course. OK up to 11m but had an expensive last two. Hey ho. Had plenty of comments and questions about my footwear.
My intention now is to back off from the running and look towards doing a super sprint triathlon next year. Have already made enquirers about swimming instruction. Bring it on. I also intend to seriously up my kettlebell output. I have often not done or backed off a routine as I was thinking about not leaving myself knackered for a run the next day. I can now commit more effort.

Details here


Sunday, 5 September 2010

John Fraser 10

Should be a happy day, 100% attendance for the winter and summer league. I am pleased I have achieved that goal and the planning that goes into it. Work commitments sliding holidays in between races etc. Not ran this course before, doubt I will again. Tough. Not so much an excuse but with work issues and having picked up some of Deeels cold did not perform at all well today. Went south from the halfway point. Made a point of not pushing too hard at the start all very controlled. Not a good run at all. Ran much better Monday. Ended up 11:07 pace. Poor. No matter, the 100% is in the bag.
Now have to decide on next years challenge/goals. Sprint Triathlon????

Details here