Sunday, 27 June 2010

Prestwold 10k

Well outside my PB for this course. By the same token much better than I thought I was going to do. Proper hot by English standards 27+C. Sun blarring from dawn and well into it's stride by 10.30. Couple of runners collapsed. Had another strong finish. Going stride for stride with some other chap, operating at my max velocity he matched me for speed but could not match my endurance. Had meters to spare by the line. Chuffed.
Started right at the back and held a steady pace early on. But only moved forward and generally got faster with neg splits. Even more chuffed

Details here

Thursday, 24 June 2010

More KB work

Done the black out routine tonight. long time no do.

opened up with 20x12 around body passes then 20x12 swings just to loosen up.

Then got into the routine. fully explained in an earlier post.

But 270 reps with the 16kg in 15mins inc rest periods.

Rounded off with 5 janda negs and 10x24kg sidebends.

Total workload. 5040kg

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

KB time

hols fast approaching. Bell time.
With the 16kg
20 around body passes
20 swings
20 cleans
20 press
20 snatch

10x16 upright row
10x16 windmills
20x16 side bends
20x16 rows
10x32 suitcase
10x32 deep squat
10x12 triple crush combo
10x12 bi curls
10x12 tri push backs
10x32 elbow raise
20x16 chest press
cleaned 2x16 pressed above head walked round garden forget the name for this.
10 Janda negs to finish

Total workload 4200kg

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Sunday run

Left Jens heading out to Beeby turned left to South Croxton up strawberry hill then headed back to via the Ridgemere. Object of the excersise was to pace myself for half marathon. Happy with the results. Used the virtual partner facility on my Garmin 305. Works a treat. Still ended up quicker than needed for a 2:15. Could afford to back off. Felt a lot better today at same mile point as I did in Hinkley half. Slow and steady seems the way for me.

Details here.


Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Rothley 10K

Rothley 10k. First time done this race. Thought it was part of summer league fixtures but it is not. Lots of people telling me it is hilly. Compared to last Sunday run, kids play. Very pleased with numbers just ran my own race did not look at garmin just done what felt right. Good consistency of lap pace and all sub 10 so very happy with that. Super strong finish on the little incline to the line. Plenty positive support and comment on finish pace from other club folks. A good run. Garmin recorded further than 10K so even more pleased. Avg pace 9:43. Only 4 secs out of ideal target pace of 9:39. Which gives a 10k sub hour.

Details Here


Sunday, 6 June 2010

Sunday 100 reps with 24kg KB

Having done a 10k this morning, feeling a bit restless while waiting for Deels to finish works thought I would hit the bell.
So rattled off a 100 various reps with the 24kg.
12 press, 20 elbow raise, 3 bi curls, 10 chest press, 5 sumo, 20 suitcase, 20 rows, 10 sidebends. 2400kg Rounded of with 10 Janda negs.

Workload for the week 8240kg

Swithland 10k

Poured it down an hour or so before the start, thought going to get proper wet but not so. Did clear the air a bit.
Only the second time I have ran this course and seemed easier than I remember. Fitter perhaps? I set out with a plan and ignored it. Just went with the flow. 9:07 opening mile yikes. Mile 3 = drink station so lost some time there. Mile 6 incline all the way and temps rising again.
Had a spanking finish. Had been slowly closing in on a Birstall Running Club runner Annie(?)Came level at the 5m mark. This was also the start of the incline. Kept my pace and pushed on. On the incline she was getting plenty of encouragement and advice from her fellow club members as they were today's organising club. She picked it up and came back through. (this may have ultimately been her downfall). We rounded the last bend and now had the finish in sight. I closed her down again and are now side by side and stride for stride. Each time she pushed, I responded, 3 times she tried to break me. It was now my turn. With the line closing in, I summoned up everything I had left and hit the mental "Nitro" button and gave it full taps to see her off. Finishing avg pace 8:56. Finishing speed 9.4mph. Although this is all taking place towards the back of the race still competitive between equal abilities. Clocked over 10k according to the Garmin. Sub 10 miles avg. Chuffed. Really would have liked to have been able to watch this finish. One of my better finishes. Not my quickest 10k but very pleased. Details here.

Run England Mile

As part of a national program to get people running there have been various mile runs around the country. Friday the 4th time to try it. Quite a warm night. King Lears lake has been very well marked out with a red stripe down the path and marked off every 100m. Given I normally do 10k+ running, a mile at pace, is a very different proposition. Need your heart rate simmering before the off rather than raising as you go. Tough work but done it in 8:06. Good bench mark to have.

KB Stuff

Have continued to incorporate the KB in to the weekly mish mash. Already working. Mass has gone up. Feel stronger and fitter. Eased myself into it but have now cracked open the 300 challenge. Done it with the 12kg so still being sensible. Just as well as no way would I have managed the 16kg. 22mins so quite happy with that. 5840kg for the week so far.