Sunday, 28 December 2008

RKC snatch test guideline level3

Opened up the account with 20x28kg see saw press. 560kg
20x20kg around body passes. 400kg

Have been following the guidelines for passing the RKC snatch test. Tried and completed level 3 for the first time today. Very pleased with self. Done it straight off. 200x20kg snatches. 4000kg.
4960kg - 13440kg for the week
Using a 20 as not got a 24kg KB. Will reset to level 1 when I do get one. level 3 is 5L+5R on the minute for 20 rounds. Did however tear a blister on left hand. Bugger.

RKC Snatch Test Guidelines.

Jason feeling smug but sore

Saturday, 27 December 2008


Ran the Barrow boxing day 6 yesterday. Muscle wise fine. Picked up a blister by mile 2, nice, Right knee giving me some stick. Unusual as often the left knee. Variation = shoes. It is for this reason I am experimenting with Vibram Fivefingers footwear. On the first couple of test runs no knee issues. I will be talking about these in more detail in the future.

While preparing tea thought would do some shoulder work, nice and steady just fitting in while spuds cooked.
4x10x28kg see saw press, 2x10x28kg elbow raise.(28= 16+12 alternate) 1680kg

Jason "waiting for his tea"

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Arms and core

No real structure tonight. Just had to do something, would normally be a run night but that went west.

4x10x16kg 20L+20R chest press, 30 crunch with hip flexor isolated, 10 Janda negatives, 2x10x16kg side bends, 10x16kg overhead tri extn, 2x5x16kg single arm SLOW bi negs, 10x16kg dbl hand bi curls. Work = 1600kg

Tried 28kg (16+12 kettlebell stacked) chest press. Chest is up to it, but do not have big enough hands to grip 2 bells in that manner.

Jason `I can feel some carbs comng on` A

Monday, 22 December 2008

Blackout routine

Here goes, my first ever blog entry.

Started the day with 10x28kg deads followed by 10x28kg good mornings. (16+12kg kettlebell
gripped together) Work 560kg

After work, done a routine called "blackout" from the kettlebell bible. Super little routine, not to be underestimated.
20 swings 10 cleans right and left 10 snatchs right and left 60secs rest.
18 swings 9 cleans right and left 9 snatches right and left 50 secs rest.
And so on, dropping 2 swings and 1 rep from each single arm exercise, until reach 10 swings.
Also dropping 10 secs rest after each round. All in about 15mins including rest periods.
270 reps all with a 16kg kettlebell. Total work = 4320kg.
Total for day 4880kg just under 5t. Nice.