Friday, 15 May 2009

how time flies

Nearly 3 months to the day since I last posted. Hmm.

As a very brief update. Now only run in Vibram fivefingers. Have clocked 131 miles over all types of terrain. Will not be using ordinary running shoes again. Walsh shoes yes, road shoes no.

Have been following the recommendations following my visit to Loughborough uni. Have also incorported the system devised by V Billat. Will post links another time.

As for today. Back on the kettlebells.
20x20 around body pass, swings, cleans, single arm swings, snatchs, side bends, press, chest press, bent over rows. 50x8 hammer swings, 20x8 single arm hammer swings. 12x20 bi curls. 20x12 hammer swings, 20x8 hammer swings. 10x20 alternate swings. 5000kg Approx 40 mins inc rest.


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