Tuesday, 19 October 2010

15/15 week 5 session 1

Warmed up with some around the body passes and some swings. An extra 4kg per rep certainly makes itself felt.

20 rounds of 7 reps with the 16. + bits nd bobs. 2880kg
No rush will be taking my time with this.


Monday, 18 October 2010

Full body work

Having concentrated on the 15/5 protocol I had forgotten that that should be in addition to usual strength based work.
So opened up with
20x16 around body passes
20x16 swings
10x32 goodmornings
10x32 deep squat
20x16 suitcase
10x32 suitcase
10x32 calf raises
10x16 renegade rows
10x32 reverse fly
20x16 bent over rows
10x32 chest press
10x16 pullovers
10x32 chest press
20x16 upright rows
20x16 presses
10x16 bi curls
10x16 tri extns
20x16 sidebends
10x12 bi curls
5 janda negatives
20x24 elbow raise
10x24 push press
Workload 5640kg nice opening to the week.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Round up

Having completed the target of 80 rounds of the 15/15 protocol my hands are now battered as expected. So having achieved the target I have backed off the kettle this week to allow my hands to recover. Plenty Shaving, filing and moisturising.

Came to Friday and had a decision to make. Give blood and sacrifice the now overdue Parkrun or not. As Quark the Ferengi will tell you "No good deed, goes un-punished"

So another Parkrun has gone by. Taking comfort from doing the right thing. But what a glorious morning for a run. Went out to the run to recce the course and format. So tempted to go for it but with a pint less of blood sloshing around there was always going to be a lack O2 reaching the muscles. Given this is a 5k run therefore quicker than I normally run more O2 than usual would have been required. Sense prevailed. What a morning though. Arrrgh!

Hands now in better shape. Re-tested my snatch cadence with the 16kg. Good to have done the routine prior with he 12kg but always knew it would act as a prelim to the real work starting with the 16kg. Hit 26 in the 5th minute. 26/4 = 6.5. Rounded up new target will be 7 reps per 15 secs.
Done 10 rounds to get a feel for it. This is a whole different story to the 12.
I am hoping the reduced red cells may explain the disproportionate perceived exertion over the 12.

With some other bits and bobs with the 16
20x16 abp, 79x16 snatch, 10x20 side bends, 2x24 bent press, 2x24 press. 15/15 10x7x16
ended up with a workload of a nice round 3000kg.

All rounded off with some barefoot run practice. Increased to somewhere between 1.25 -1.5m. Too soon after lunch but never mind. Today's observation. Very aware of a bolt upright posture.


Monday, 11 October 2010

15/15 wk4 session 1

Originally was going to set the gymboss for 70 rounds. Set it for 80 instead. Have long felt that the 80 rounds was always doable with the 12kg. Just a matter of time. Have not felt as exhausted as I expected which is a sign the 12 is too light. The hands have taken some stick and are tender but CV/vo2 wise always within capacity.

I hoped for this outcome in the first place. Do it with the 12 to establish a groove and get a good base. Can now move on and start in earnest.

Still 80 rounds of 8 reps at 12kg still = 7680kg.
As an aside I have observed my body mass slightly increase but this is more due to composition. Heavier = yes. Leaner = yes.

Will rest the hands and re-test myself with the 16kg. Then we will see.


Saturday, 9 October 2010

Mixing it up

Done a 9.5m bike Friday. Longest I have gone for quite some time. No side effects. Always seems strange how different activities have different heart rate demands. Cycling is much lower than running.

Practiced my barefoot running, parked up ran a mile from the car in my classics, took them off and ran back to car. Still a back country lane but not as coarse as last week.

Week 3 of my 15/15 sessions. Due to many things going on this week this is my one and probably only session; so upped it straight to 60 rounds. Will hit 80 very soon. Have decided to go back re test with the 16 and do again. 60rounds x 8 reps per round x 12kg = 5760kg.

Jason thinking of going straight to 70 next time.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

15/15 wk2 session 3

Done 2 back to back. This is not good for the hands.

No matter. 50 rounds of 8 reps x 12 kg = 4800kg in 25 mins


Saturday, 2 October 2010


Now this years running goals have been achieved I feel much more free to practice running barefoot.

Although coming from the other end of the equation, I tend to agree that starting barefoot is perhaps better than starting in vibram fivefingers. The barefoot way, you cannot do too much too soon, your feet will not allow it. I chose a back country lane for peace and privacy. This did however throw up a less than smooth flat surface. Only managed .62 of a mile. Oddly though, that .62 was at a quicker pace than I ever would have imagined. 9:48 pace. If I can increase the distance covered at that kind of pace I will be a happy bunny.

This I treat as a separate entity to shod running even in minimal VFFs. This is about practice rather than training.


15/15 wk 2 sesion 2

Continued up the rep range as still feel within current capacity. Either it is within current capacity or as i progress the body is adapting and making the next step possible. on current form I am expecting to get to the required 80 sets with out too much backing off. According to Kenneth Jay I then have two options either move on to the next protocol or return to the beginning and repeat with a heavier bell. he suggests moving on. I believe going for the 16 and repeating is the correct course of action to take. Time will tell.

Still pleased with todays workload. Done outside in a nice bit of sunshine.
46 rounds x 8 reps x 12kg = 4416kg.