Saturday, 31 January 2009

Thursday & Friday

Ran with Jen just a little 3.5m. Ran in the Vibrams. First time back to back. Calvess felt tight.

3x120 deads, 5x100 deads, 2x5x100 sqts, 4x5x20 oly bar side press. 10x20kb press, 20x20 elbow raise, 3x2x16 neg curls. Workload 2956.

Not done Deads for a while forearms and grip feeling the benefits.

Jason enjoying steak and wine

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Mon andTues

Monday set countdown timer on phone for 5mins. set of on KB hills, got through 3 rounds and decided something wrong, sure enough timer had not started required a second press. Doh! Expected two and a half rounds so to complete three was a bonus. Expect it took longer than 5mins so that is good will set timer for 6.5 - 7mins next time.
If you could bottle lactic...

Tuesday. 10x20 kb deads before work. 4 mile mildly undulating run in the vibrams, distance moving northwards nicely. May even do the Ashby 5 in them. Just under two weeks away. Need to try some specific speed work in them. Also muscular soreness of the calves is becoming less each time.

One observation that has become apparent. I get knee pain the day after running in shoes but in the vibrams.

Jason pleased with the progress

Sunday, 25 January 2009

10k in the morning 3 tonne in the evening

Markfield 10k run. Hilly quite nice conditions though. Had plenty of leg power but seemed to run out of gas. Note to self. Build on endurance stamina. Kettlebell hills perhaps.

Just to pass the time done some KB work.
3x72 close feet sqt, 10x16 seesaw upright row,10x16 seesaw press, 20x16 seesaw row, 10x32 bent over row, 10x32 chestpress, 10x16 seesaw chest press, 5x32 deep fnt sqt, 12x20 sidebends, 10x32 windmills, 20x16 dble elbow raise, 5 janda negs. 20x12 tri kick backs. workload 2936kg

Jason enjoying a well earned wine.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Running hill reps

Markfield 10k on Sunday.

Did not want to do too much tonight, just keeping things ticking over. Mile warm up. 4 x 1/4 mile hill reps and warm down. Ran in the Vibrams. My running partner was bemused to say the least.

Jason still smiling

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Kettlebell hills.

Tried a routine from one of my respected blogs. MC running the bells.

So simple yet brutal.
Kept it simple, 10 reps per bell 8,12,16,20,16,12,8 70 reps in total 920kg. Tried 1 run through to establish a time 2:08. foolishly did not warm up just went straight in. Fool. Recovered.

Set myself the goal of just 2 rounds. Completed 4:15. Battered. This came as a big shock. I truly believed my stamina was higher than this given the amount of snatches I have been doing of late.
However, there is built in rest periods in that routine. No rests here. Target is 15mins non stop.
The build up of lactic/fatigue in the legs was unbelievable.

Lesson tonight is ignore swings at your peril. Thanks to MC for getting me back on the path.
The path is simple but it's not easy.

Jason re-evaluating

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Sunday stuff

Opened the account with a tonne. 10x32 goodmornings, 10x32 squats, 5x32 double arm bent over rows and 5x32 double arm chest press. Workload 960KG.

Went for 3.5m run in Vibrams, slowly increasing distance. First time got them wet and dirty, shame but had to happen sooner or later.

Jason replacing spent calories with wine.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

6 tonne

Set out to just do legs, chest and abs.

30x20 single arm chest press, 5x40 dbl arm chest press, 10x20 crush press, 10x36 sumo deads, 10x36 deep squats, 10x56 close feet sqts, 5x56 shrugs, 10x56 step ups, 10x12 single arm flys, 20x36 see saw rows, 10x36 deep sqts, 10x36 elbow raise, 20x20 fig 8s, 20x20 side bends, 10x20 single arm chest press, 16x20 swing. Janda negs. Workload 6000kg.

Jason quite pleased with himself

Monday, 12 January 2009

Short and sweet

Still on call, so while my tea is cooking time to break out the Black out routine. (see below for routine) 15 mins all in start to finish including rest periods. 270 reps with a 16kg KB, workload 4320kg. Nice.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Sunday pick n mix

Thought would round off a poor excersise week with some random KB stuff.
Hopefully have seen the back of the cold I had, but now on call, so cannot really go for a run as normal.
20x16 around body passes, 20x16 swings, 20x16 sidebends, 40x16 hot potato, 20x16 single arm swings, 10x28 suitcase rows, 20x16 figure 8s, 20x16 cleans, 10x16 single arm presses, 10x28 double arm presses, 10x28 single arm row, 10x16 ballistic row, 10x28 deep squat. 10x16 windmills. Workload 4160kg.

Jason hoping for a better week

Friday, 9 January 2009

Poor week

Just getting over a cold like most other people this week.
Opened the account with a 3m run in the vibrams. Calfs are becoming less stiff afterwards as they accliamatise to being used differently. Another easy 3m on Thursday. Feeling better today so went gym and knocked out the following.
5x115 deads, 5x105deads, 5x100 sqt, 5x90sqt, 20x20 oly bar side press, 3x70 bench. Free weights not machine. Went home to finish off with 100x20kg Kettlebell mix. Workload 4660kg

Jason feeling better than Monday

Friday, 2 January 2009

Mis mash

While cleaning the car earlier dad came over for a chat I demonstrated the see saw press I have been doing lately. 20x28 560kg straight off amazing how many KGs you can shift just randomly let alone on a proper session.

The only reason I go to my local gym now is to do deadlifts. Decide today to explore my limit. My goal is to lift double bodyweight and today marked a good milestone. Bagged 3 at 120kg inc bar. it was nice to have a round 100 on the bar. Dropped 10% (ala power to the people) and knocked out 5 at 100. Nice I scale in at 66kg so another 12kg + to find. Followed that with some squats. Not done any of these for months. 10x70 (inc bar) no probs. Finished off with 4x5x20 side presses using an Olympic bar. 1960kg 2520for the day.

Then followed this up with a short 2 mile run in my vibram fivefinger sprints. Probably not the best combination of exercises. Sometimes you just have to do what you want to do.

Jason in a random mood

Thursday, 1 January 2009

300 challenge

Done the 300 challenge routine with a 16kg kb today.
The 300 challenge I am using was devised by Steve Maxwell. (if I look half as good as he does at 50 I will be a happy bunny)

I set a personal goal earlier in the year to complete the routine with a 16kg kb by the end of the year. Failed. Complete means not putting the bell down from start to finish. Rests can be taken but the bell does not touch the floor and a target time of around 20mins.
However, today was a get through it by what ever means day. Lots of rest and plenty of bell on the floor. Also failed the reverse getup section. Left shoulder fatigued and lost control of bell. Enough strength left to safely guide it to the floor and enough sense not to try again.
Carried on with routine to finish but 7 reps short.

I have completed the routine with a 12kg and this is very taxing and I leaves me exhausted at the end. The 4kg jump to a 16kg is too much. I have told myself to do more runs with the 12, or try 1st half 16 second half 12 then reverse next time. But the truth is I have not done enough of either. I have been concentrating more on regaining some lost CV capacity with high rep ballistic routines, V02 rotines and following the RKC snatch test guidlines.

So the goal remains but the parameters have been re-set. Target now is June ready for beach and pool.

The 300 routine
1 around body pass 10L 10R
2 halos 10L 10R
3 behind neck goodmornings 10
4 windmills 5L 5R
5 single arm swing 10L 10R
6 high pulls 10L 10R
7 snatch 10L 10R
8 cleans 10L 10R
9 circular cleans 10L 10R
10 thruster (deep squat to press) 10L 10R
11 cossack curls 10L 10R
12 reverse lunge to press 10L 10R
13 deck squat 10
14 reverse getup 5L 5 R
15 suitcase rows 10L 10R
16 crush situp press 10
17 russain twists 20
18 crush press up 10 (only time bell touches floor)

Jason feeling the benefits