Monday, 31 May 2010

Return of the bell

Having slowly re-introduced the kettlebell last week and witnessed an improvement in my running capacity on Sunday; naturally it was time to up the ante. So a few warm up moves then done the 300 routine with the 12kg in 22mins. This was quite enough having not done any serious KB work for some time. The 16 would have been way too much. The 12 was tough but do able. Just shows how much strength and fitness I have lost not doing KB work in an a attempt to go into the Hinkley Half as light as I could. By light I mean not carrying excess muscle. On reflection I deem this a mistake as mentioned elsewhere.

20 around body passes
20 swings
300 routine
20 side bends x16
10 x 24 chest press
10 Janda negs
Workload 4480kg

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Current shoe design

New research highlights problems with current shoe design. Here.

Marathon Winner Wears Vibram Fivefinger Sprints

One for the doubters. Here

Thursday 27th beginners

Ran with Beginners tonight.
They are making very good progress. Suspect will not be too long before they start leaving me. In the mean time. Had a nice night. Mixed terrain one small climb then canal path and trail then road.

Details here


Sunday 10 with Jen

Ye old Sunday long run. Thankfully no where near as hot as last weeks Desford 10k. Did not really feel up for 10 today but as is often the case done better than thought. Couple of surprise sub 10s in the later miles as well. Nice. Wanted to keep a heart rate in the 150 to 160 range. Happy with that as well. Might be coincidence but have started kettlebelling again this week. Legs felt stronger, did not get the weak hip flexor feeling.

Details here


Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Round up

Been busy on the kettlebell had race last sunday.
Having left the KB to one side pre 1/2 marathon I have now swung the pendulum the other side and have picked it back up again as leaving it off certainly did not improve the situation. Shifted 9620kg for the week. Steady stuff breaking myself back into it. All done with the 12. Sensible.

Ran the the desford 10k sunday, bearing this is mind finished with a vest tan. Hot hot hot. Winter league and scorching. Odd , but prefered when it was freezing the other year. Cost me 3 mins on last year. Purely down to temps.

Hey ho

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Sunday 10 miler

Had a 10 mile trot round this morning. Quite sunny. Sprints, shorts tech top. 1 square of flapjack.
After last couple of bad weeks thought would go with a slow steady run keeping heart rate in my fat burn zone. (155ish) Trying to identify why things start to go wrong at 8ish miles, hence the flap jack. Had a bite @ 5 and 8m. By 8.6 familiar fatigue appeared in the hip area. CV barely working all muscles fine. Can now rule out running out of fuel. Comes back to hips and more specifically hip flexors.
Next I will breakout the kettlebells, have purposely left them off recently. Will do plenty of swings to re? strengthen the hips.

Details of run here

Monday, 10 May 2010

Hinckley Half Marathon

Well the day of truth has arrived. Based on recent training runs does not bode well. The maths say I should be good for 2:10. Wanted 2:15 got 2:30. That to be fair was exactly what I expected. Quite warm and a good headwind for most of it. Miles 2,3 and 4 beautiful consistency, probably too quick though. Did not feel it though. But just like recent training runs get to mile 8 or less and run out of go. Quads, hams glutes, carves absolutely fine. CV well within parameters. Need to work out what has changed. Had a great (for me) 9 mile run a few weeks back. Pace was good and felt good. Have done no good since.

Feel like torso leans forward. Tight hip flexors?
When run out of go. Legs do not seem to want to lift. Hip flexors?
Muscles day after = fine. Do not feel it is fatigue in usual sense.
Wanted to go into race as light as possible. Therefore left off the kettlebells so not carrying extra muscle. This I think was a mistake. Have missed out on CV and fat burn workouts.
The one other thing that ties in on a timing basis. Have been doing some Z health mobility drills. This was after the good 9 mile run. This needs further exploration.

Will sign up for another 1/2 marathon and breakout the kettlebells and compare.

Details of run here.