Monday, 25 May 2009

KB chest back shoulders.

Had a KB mish mash session. Chest, back and shoulders. 4688kg in all approx 30 mins.

20x24 chest press, 10x24 rows, 10x24 ballistic rows, 40x16 chest press, 20x16 seesaw row, 10x32 bent rows, 5x32 press, 10x16 seesaw press, 10x32 elbow raise, 10x16 renagae row, 20x8 hammer swings, 20x16 wrist curls, 6x16 bi negs, 5x24 bi curls, 20x24 side bends, 10x24 elbow raise, 10x16 tri extn.

Jason not looking forward to going back to work

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