Monday, 22 December 2008

Blackout routine

Here goes, my first ever blog entry.

Started the day with 10x28kg deads followed by 10x28kg good mornings. (16+12kg kettlebell
gripped together) Work 560kg

After work, done a routine called "blackout" from the kettlebell bible. Super little routine, not to be underestimated.
20 swings 10 cleans right and left 10 snatchs right and left 60secs rest.
18 swings 9 cleans right and left 9 snatches right and left 50 secs rest.
And so on, dropping 2 swings and 1 rep from each single arm exercise, until reach 10 swings.
Also dropping 10 secs rest after each round. All in about 15mins including rest periods.
270 reps all with a 16kg kettlebell. Total work = 4320kg.
Total for day 4880kg just under 5t. Nice.

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