Sunday, 7 June 2009

Vanity calls

Closing in on holiday. Have been increasing KB work but now time to really turn up the wick.
In preparation for pool and beach gave the abs a good going over from the start rather than at the end like most people.

40x16 around body pass, 40x16 swing, 20x16 figure 8 to hold, 50x8 hammer swing, 30x20 side bends, 10x20 swing, 25x8 hammer swing, 10x32 hip circles, 10x16 renagade row, 20x20 ballistic row, 10x32 bent row, 10x32 shrugs, 10x32 elbow raise, 6x16 bi negs, 10x16 bi curls, 10x12 tri ext ext single arm, 12x12 tri extn dble arm, 12x20 press, 20x40 step ups, 20x40 sqts. Approx 45 mins
workload 7200kg. Nice.

Jason now enjoying a well earned wine.

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