Sunday, 28 February 2010

9 Miles. Yay!

Having decided to do a 1/2 in May thought it best to get some longer miles in. Planned out a 9 mile route with the intention of doing it at Planned Half Marathon Pace. Which, for me, just happens to be 10min/mile pace. Derived from best recent 10k time x 2.222 / 13.1. Set Garmin 305 up for 9 miles in 1.5 hours and off we went. Have used the virtual partner feature in the past, but really came into its own today. Much better over longer distances that short ones. Designed an undulating course with some long drag out hills and some short and sharp. Feet totally wet by mile 3 or so, but no problems. Around mile 6 and 7 slipped into some sort of zone. Pace was cock on but the CV part of the equation felt under no stress at all. Which was nice. New longest distance in sprints. Ended up with an AVG pace of 10:04. Very pleased. Even closed out with a 9:50 last mile.

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