Saturday, 20 February 2010

Sat 20th fo Feb

Body weight has yo yo'd a little this week. 65.7kg to 64.9kg.

Have been keeping a daily log of body weight and noting what and when I eat. One observation I have made that backs up fairly common knowledge is, DO NOT eat, too late. If, I have eaten before 7pm I WILL record a reduced weight in the morning. If Delia is working(does not finish till 8pm +) I therefore eat later, I WILL record a higher weight in the morning.

Basic and in some sense obvious. But providing you DO know how your body reacts you can adjust as required. I will be running the Kibworth 6 in the morning 10.30, so have made a point of eating earlier tonight. I also backed this up with a 1 mile brisk walk after eating. I expect to be 64.9kg or less in the morning. We shall see.


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