Saturday, 13 February 2010

Sat run

Had a nice easy run this afternoon with Jen. Purpose, to get some miles in the legs. No time or pace targets just distance. Clocked 7.8 miles. Pleased on many accounts. Not done that distance since pre christmas. Some proper hills involved. Done the lung bursting hill better than ever before. Overall felt comfortable. Not race pace like I said but not bad for us either. Something has changed how I run. Adding bits from born to run, barefoot ted, ken bob etc. Something has changed and for the better. Just feels easier and joyful. Done the 7.8 but felt like could just keep going. Really impressed with how I done the big hill. Still taxing but previously I have been wearing my heart and lungs on the outside.
Will have done 24 ish miles this week. Not done that for a long time. No where near the miles of some, but not bad for a short fat bloke.

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