Monday, 10 May 2010

Hinckley Half Marathon

Well the day of truth has arrived. Based on recent training runs does not bode well. The maths say I should be good for 2:10. Wanted 2:15 got 2:30. That to be fair was exactly what I expected. Quite warm and a good headwind for most of it. Miles 2,3 and 4 beautiful consistency, probably too quick though. Did not feel it though. But just like recent training runs get to mile 8 or less and run out of go. Quads, hams glutes, carves absolutely fine. CV well within parameters. Need to work out what has changed. Had a great (for me) 9 mile run a few weeks back. Pace was good and felt good. Have done no good since.

Feel like torso leans forward. Tight hip flexors?
When run out of go. Legs do not seem to want to lift. Hip flexors?
Muscles day after = fine. Do not feel it is fatigue in usual sense.
Wanted to go into race as light as possible. Therefore left off the kettlebells so not carrying extra muscle. This I think was a mistake. Have missed out on CV and fat burn workouts.
The one other thing that ties in on a timing basis. Have been doing some Z health mobility drills. This was after the good 9 mile run. This needs further exploration.

Will sign up for another 1/2 marathon and breakout the kettlebells and compare.

Details of run here.

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