Sunday, 15 February 2009

vibrams and sludge

Today I finally got the chance to try a run I had been wanting to do for some time. Road, bridal path and finish back on road. Distance only about 3.5m. Set off at a reasonable pace for me. (the pace always seems to feel easier in the vibrams) Hit the field at the 1m point. No sooner had the vibrams hit the grass wetness could be felt in the toes. From there on in I was slipping and sliding about, no traction at all, yet good fun at the same time. Would like to see the look on some other users faces when they come across my foot prints in the sludge. After a while you get a wet suit effect where although your feet are wet they are not cold. Enjoyed my run came back covered in muck and smile on my face. but todays lesson is vibrams offer zero grip on sludge.

May have turned a corner as no discomfort in the calves. Not during or after.

Jason now drying his vibrams

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