Sunday, 6 December 2009

Sunday 6th December

Not been a great week. Only managed the hill reps with Jen monday then nothing. Partly due to having a cold partly due to other commitments. So here we are. Chinese last night full Sunday lunch today only one thing for it. Kettlebells.
Opened the account with 20 around the body passes and 20 figure 8 to hold as a warm up then launched into the 300 challenge.

Slingshot 10R 10L

Halo alternate direction 20
Goodmornings KB behind neck 10

Windmills 5R 5L

Singlearm swing 10R 10L

High Pull 10R 10L

Snatch 10R 10L

Clean press 10R 10L

Circular clean 10R 10L

Thruster deep squat to press 10R 10L

Cossack curl 10R 10L

Reverse lunge to press 10R 10L

Deck squat 10
Reverse getup 5R 5L

Suitcase row 10R 10L

Crush sit up press 10

Russian twsit 20

Crush press up 10

All of the above done with a 12KG KB. Then just to round off 20x8KG hammer swings.
Workload 4240kg approx 25 mins.

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