Sunday, 13 December 2009

Sunday morning run

3.5 deg C this morning. Strangely it was colder than Friday but decided to go with knee length shorts. Sprints, no socks, comp top light gloves and band for ears. Bright and clear for run but had been raining so feet wet in less than 200m. No problems though. 6 mile out and back. (3+3) front 3 predom up hill. For mid December have to say conditions close to ideal. One observation I was pushing about 8 -10 beats per minute more than normal for the pace we were doing. I put this down to the cold I have been carrying. Clearly it has not fullly gone away. Hey ho.
even though HR up tried to run easy as per born to run. Checking playing around with stride pattern posture etc. Concentrating on being more up right. It does make a difference.
Did manage to find a pebble right under 2nd and 3rd toes. Knee positively flew up that stride. Just like it is supposed to. Feeling slightly bruised. will see.

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