Friday, 20 November 2009

Friday XC

Set out at 2pm, just in time to get caught in a shower. Nice. Actually, it was very nice. Out in the country late low setting sun casting long shadows revealing the topography of the land. Beautiful. Set out a long a single track country road, then into some woods, sloshing about, got its own distinctive woodland smell. Emerged from the woods and headed across a crop field/bridal path. Clearly recently been used by our four legged friends, made foot placement interesting. Back out on to road for a 1/4m. Stopped and had a quick chat with an old lady in her Harris tweed outfit about the partridge shoot that was in progress. (England as it should be) Carried on back on to crop fields, tough going on this terrain undulating and muddy. Cut left on to a cinder path then up a decent incline before leveling out and then right back on to the road we started on. 5.4m in total, multi terrain. As usual ran with Jen both came back covered on muck. Got some lactic build in the quads on the final climb. If you want to work the cv system without going all out via intervals or hill reps. Get in the country and run across some fields. Don't worry about the distance, times or pace as they bear no resemblance to what you normally do. Just enjoy. Knowing the terrain had to go with the Walsh fell shoe.

Jason knackered but satisfied

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