Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Tuesday KB routine

Been a while since I have used the KBs in anger but opened the account with the following.

20x16 around body pass, 20x16 windmills, 20x16 swings, 2x10x16 renegade rows, 10x32 double arm swings, 20x16 fig8 to hold, 20x16 single arm swings, 20x24 sidebends, 20x16 single arm swings, 40x16 hot spud, 20 swings, 6x32 hip circles, 10x32 double arm swings, 10 janda negatives, 20x16 elbow raise, 10x32 deep sqt, 10x32 reverse flys, 10x32 chest press, 20x16 seesaw rows, 20x16 seesaw press, 6x16 bi negs, 10x16 tri extn.

Total workload 6692. Nice

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