Sunday, 19 September 2010

Change of direction?

Been a week since the Nottingham half marathon and have not ran since.

With this years running goals achieved I have been thinking about goals for 2011.
Leaning towards going more proper barefoot, trying a mini triathlon and now I am finally in possession of Kenneth Jays (the dane of pain)Viking Warrior Conditioning book; I intend to follow the protocols in there as the carry over to the above ideas would benefit greatly.

Performed the cadence snatch test to establish my cadence number. Hit 30 in the fifth minute with the 12kg.
30/4 = 7.5 round up = 8. Therefore I will perform the 15/15 protocol hitting 8 snatches per 15 secs.
I have ordered a Gymboss timer to help with the timing.
I may well re test myself with the 16kg bell just to see.

Have been playing around with the bike, again looking at a tri next year. Have bought some new cycle shorts and joy of joys, I have managed to get the Garmin cadence sensor working so I can see my cadence on my Forerunner 305. So much better than counting. Have been reading around the subject and 70 80 rpm seems a good base level. Thought it sounded a it high but turns out to be about right. Very happy about getting that working.

Just need to ride now. The sensor is currently mounted on my off road bike, but have a desire to get an out and out road bike. A Moda Mezzo is my current object of desire.


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