Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Viking warrior 15/15 protocol. Week 1 Session 1

Well I opened up the viking warrior conditioning protocol today with 22 rounds at 8 reps per round. Conveniently the gymboss timer arrived earlier so i could put it straight to the test.

Set the gymboss to 15 secs on and 15 secs off. It automatically treats the second time period as a rest so the rounds you set are work rounds (sets) nice.

Have worked from a clock in the past and is easy to nick a second or two here and there. Not with the gymboss. set it at 22 as expected this to be within my current capacity and it was. I am happy with this and can now move on as I am happy how the gymboss works and knowing I had some left in the tank.

A nice banker session in the bag. Can move forward sensibly from here.

As an aside I have bought some specialised cycling shoes as I move towards things Tri.

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