Sunday, 17 October 2010

Round up

Having completed the target of 80 rounds of the 15/15 protocol my hands are now battered as expected. So having achieved the target I have backed off the kettle this week to allow my hands to recover. Plenty Shaving, filing and moisturising.

Came to Friday and had a decision to make. Give blood and sacrifice the now overdue Parkrun or not. As Quark the Ferengi will tell you "No good deed, goes un-punished"

So another Parkrun has gone by. Taking comfort from doing the right thing. But what a glorious morning for a run. Went out to the run to recce the course and format. So tempted to go for it but with a pint less of blood sloshing around there was always going to be a lack O2 reaching the muscles. Given this is a 5k run therefore quicker than I normally run more O2 than usual would have been required. Sense prevailed. What a morning though. Arrrgh!

Hands now in better shape. Re-tested my snatch cadence with the 16kg. Good to have done the routine prior with he 12kg but always knew it would act as a prelim to the real work starting with the 16kg. Hit 26 in the 5th minute. 26/4 = 6.5. Rounded up new target will be 7 reps per 15 secs.
Done 10 rounds to get a feel for it. This is a whole different story to the 12.
I am hoping the reduced red cells may explain the disproportionate perceived exertion over the 12.

With some other bits and bobs with the 16
20x16 abp, 79x16 snatch, 10x20 side bends, 2x24 bent press, 2x24 press. 15/15 10x7x16
ended up with a workload of a nice round 3000kg.

All rounded off with some barefoot run practice. Increased to somewhere between 1.25 -1.5m. Too soon after lunch but never mind. Today's observation. Very aware of a bolt upright posture.


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