Monday, 11 October 2010

15/15 wk4 session 1

Originally was going to set the gymboss for 70 rounds. Set it for 80 instead. Have long felt that the 80 rounds was always doable with the 12kg. Just a matter of time. Have not felt as exhausted as I expected which is a sign the 12 is too light. The hands have taken some stick and are tender but CV/vo2 wise always within capacity.

I hoped for this outcome in the first place. Do it with the 12 to establish a groove and get a good base. Can now move on and start in earnest.

Still 80 rounds of 8 reps at 12kg still = 7680kg.
As an aside I have observed my body mass slightly increase but this is more due to composition. Heavier = yes. Leaner = yes.

Will rest the hands and re-test myself with the 16kg. Then we will see.


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