Saturday, 9 October 2010

Mixing it up

Done a 9.5m bike Friday. Longest I have gone for quite some time. No side effects. Always seems strange how different activities have different heart rate demands. Cycling is much lower than running.

Practiced my barefoot running, parked up ran a mile from the car in my classics, took them off and ran back to car. Still a back country lane but not as coarse as last week.

Week 3 of my 15/15 sessions. Due to many things going on this week this is my one and probably only session; so upped it straight to 60 rounds. Will hit 80 very soon. Have decided to go back re test with the 16 and do again. 60rounds x 8 reps per round x 12kg = 5760kg.

Jason thinking of going straight to 70 next time.

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