Monday, 18 October 2010

Full body work

Having concentrated on the 15/5 protocol I had forgotten that that should be in addition to usual strength based work.
So opened up with
20x16 around body passes
20x16 swings
10x32 goodmornings
10x32 deep squat
20x16 suitcase
10x32 suitcase
10x32 calf raises
10x16 renegade rows
10x32 reverse fly
20x16 bent over rows
10x32 chest press
10x16 pullovers
10x32 chest press
20x16 upright rows
20x16 presses
10x16 bi curls
10x16 tri extns
20x16 sidebends
10x12 bi curls
5 janda negatives
20x24 elbow raise
10x24 push press
Workload 5640kg nice opening to the week.

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