Sunday, 13 September 2009

Saturday Night KB session

Lots of ab work and not a crunch in sight. Generally followed CV ABS CV and so on. All wrapped up in 40 mins with rests. Workload 5000kg. Had internet radio discover trance in the background. The garage was the place to be.

20x12 around body pass
10x20 windmills
20x20 singlarm swings
40x8 hammer swings
20x20 Hand to hand swing
20x20 sidebends
20x20 swings
20x8 saxon sidebends
20x20 single arm thumbs up swings
20x16 fig8 to hold
20x20 swings
10x16 renegade rows
40x16 hot spud
10x20 hip circles
50x8 hammer swings

Having a rest day Sunday, Hill reps Monday and an interval session Tueady. Bring it on as they say.

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