Sunday, 6 June 2010

Swithland 10k

Poured it down an hour or so before the start, thought going to get proper wet but not so. Did clear the air a bit.
Only the second time I have ran this course and seemed easier than I remember. Fitter perhaps? I set out with a plan and ignored it. Just went with the flow. 9:07 opening mile yikes. Mile 3 = drink station so lost some time there. Mile 6 incline all the way and temps rising again.
Had a spanking finish. Had been slowly closing in on a Birstall Running Club runner Annie(?)Came level at the 5m mark. This was also the start of the incline. Kept my pace and pushed on. On the incline she was getting plenty of encouragement and advice from her fellow club members as they were today's organising club. She picked it up and came back through. (this may have ultimately been her downfall). We rounded the last bend and now had the finish in sight. I closed her down again and are now side by side and stride for stride. Each time she pushed, I responded, 3 times she tried to break me. It was now my turn. With the line closing in, I summoned up everything I had left and hit the mental "Nitro" button and gave it full taps to see her off. Finishing avg pace 8:56. Finishing speed 9.4mph. Although this is all taking place towards the back of the race still competitive between equal abilities. Clocked over 10k according to the Garmin. Sub 10 miles avg. Chuffed. Really would have liked to have been able to watch this finish. One of my better finishes. Not my quickest 10k but very pleased. Details here.

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