Thursday, 1 January 2009

300 challenge

Done the 300 challenge routine with a 16kg kb today.
The 300 challenge I am using was devised by Steve Maxwell. (if I look half as good as he does at 50 I will be a happy bunny)

I set a personal goal earlier in the year to complete the routine with a 16kg kb by the end of the year. Failed. Complete means not putting the bell down from start to finish. Rests can be taken but the bell does not touch the floor and a target time of around 20mins.
However, today was a get through it by what ever means day. Lots of rest and plenty of bell on the floor. Also failed the reverse getup section. Left shoulder fatigued and lost control of bell. Enough strength left to safely guide it to the floor and enough sense not to try again.
Carried on with routine to finish but 7 reps short.

I have completed the routine with a 12kg and this is very taxing and I leaves me exhausted at the end. The 4kg jump to a 16kg is too much. I have told myself to do more runs with the 12, or try 1st half 16 second half 12 then reverse next time. But the truth is I have not done enough of either. I have been concentrating more on regaining some lost CV capacity with high rep ballistic routines, V02 rotines and following the RKC snatch test guidlines.

So the goal remains but the parameters have been re-set. Target now is June ready for beach and pool.

The 300 routine
1 around body pass 10L 10R
2 halos 10L 10R
3 behind neck goodmornings 10
4 windmills 5L 5R
5 single arm swing 10L 10R
6 high pulls 10L 10R
7 snatch 10L 10R
8 cleans 10L 10R
9 circular cleans 10L 10R
10 thruster (deep squat to press) 10L 10R
11 cossack curls 10L 10R
12 reverse lunge to press 10L 10R
13 deck squat 10
14 reverse getup 5L 5 R
15 suitcase rows 10L 10R
16 crush situp press 10
17 russain twists 20
18 crush press up 10 (only time bell touches floor)

Jason feeling the benefits

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