Friday, 2 January 2009

Mis mash

While cleaning the car earlier dad came over for a chat I demonstrated the see saw press I have been doing lately. 20x28 560kg straight off amazing how many KGs you can shift just randomly let alone on a proper session.

The only reason I go to my local gym now is to do deadlifts. Decide today to explore my limit. My goal is to lift double bodyweight and today marked a good milestone. Bagged 3 at 120kg inc bar. it was nice to have a round 100 on the bar. Dropped 10% (ala power to the people) and knocked out 5 at 100. Nice I scale in at 66kg so another 12kg + to find. Followed that with some squats. Not done any of these for months. 10x70 (inc bar) no probs. Finished off with 4x5x20 side presses using an Olympic bar. 1960kg 2520for the day.

Then followed this up with a short 2 mile run in my vibram fivefinger sprints. Probably not the best combination of exercises. Sometimes you just have to do what you want to do.

Jason in a random mood

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