Sunday, 25 January 2009

10k in the morning 3 tonne in the evening

Markfield 10k run. Hilly quite nice conditions though. Had plenty of leg power but seemed to run out of gas. Note to self. Build on endurance stamina. Kettlebell hills perhaps.

Just to pass the time done some KB work.
3x72 close feet sqt, 10x16 seesaw upright row,10x16 seesaw press, 20x16 seesaw row, 10x32 bent over row, 10x32 chestpress, 10x16 seesaw chest press, 5x32 deep fnt sqt, 12x20 sidebends, 10x32 windmills, 20x16 dble elbow raise, 5 janda negs. 20x12 tri kick backs. workload 2936kg

Jason enjoying a well earned wine.

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