Sunday, 11 January 2009

Sunday pick n mix

Thought would round off a poor excersise week with some random KB stuff.
Hopefully have seen the back of the cold I had, but now on call, so cannot really go for a run as normal.
20x16 around body passes, 20x16 swings, 20x16 sidebends, 40x16 hot potato, 20x16 single arm swings, 10x28 suitcase rows, 20x16 figure 8s, 20x16 cleans, 10x16 single arm presses, 10x28 double arm presses, 10x28 single arm row, 10x16 ballistic row, 10x28 deep squat. 10x16 windmills. Workload 4160kg.

Jason hoping for a better week

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