Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Kettlebell hills.

Tried a routine from one of my respected blogs. MC running the bells.

So simple yet brutal.
Kept it simple, 10 reps per bell 8,12,16,20,16,12,8 70 reps in total 920kg. Tried 1 run through to establish a time 2:08. foolishly did not warm up just went straight in. Fool. Recovered.

Set myself the goal of just 2 rounds. Completed 4:15. Battered. This came as a big shock. I truly believed my stamina was higher than this given the amount of snatches I have been doing of late.
However, there is built in rest periods in that routine. No rests here. Target is 15mins non stop.
The build up of lactic/fatigue in the legs was unbelievable.

Lesson tonight is ignore swings at your peril. Thanks to MC for getting me back on the path.
The path is simple but it's not easy.

Jason re-evaluating

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