Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Mon andTues

Monday set countdown timer on phone for 5mins. set of on KB hills, got through 3 rounds and decided something wrong, sure enough timer had not started required a second press. Doh! Expected two and a half rounds so to complete three was a bonus. Expect it took longer than 5mins so that is good will set timer for 6.5 - 7mins next time.
If you could bottle lactic...

Tuesday. 10x20 kb deads before work. 4 mile mildly undulating run in the vibrams, distance moving northwards nicely. May even do the Ashby 5 in them. Just under two weeks away. Need to try some specific speed work in them. Also muscular soreness of the calves is becoming less each time.

One observation that has become apparent. I get knee pain the day after running in shoes but in the vibrams.

Jason pleased with the progress

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